QUIZ – How well do you know Nigeria?

In this section, you can test your knowledge of your country Nigeria. Whether you’re a tourist just paying Nigeria a visit, or you’re a seasoned historian, there are both basic and brain cracking questions for your pleasure.



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Welcome to the I KNOW NIGERIA quiz quiz

1) naira-notes

When was the Naira adopted?
2) Section 419 is a part of Nigeria's penal code that deals with
3) Who was the first Nigerian to become a world boxing champion?
4) Lagos is Nigeria's largest city and financial hub. What was its original name?
5) Nigeria gained her independence in
6) ________ was the first capital of Nigeria
7) The name "Super Eagles" is the nickname of the senior national team for which sport

8) What was General Babangida's position before becoming president?
9) Who is the first Nigerian to receive a Grammy Award nomination?
10) He holds the record for the longest rap in history (9hrs, 18 mins & 22 secs). What is his/her name?


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