Nwozuzu “Killiwe” Nwachukwu – MYTH or REAL?


Nwozuzu “Killiwe” Nwachukwu, is a name that is known in parts of Eastern Nigeria as one of the few superhumans in the ’50s. Stories have it that he was born in the early 30s (1932 maybe?) and he performed legendary feats of strength including lifting vehicles with his teeth and other heavy items (e.g. bags of cement) and allowing cars drive over his body.

He performed these feats in shows and in schools in Eastern Nigeria, usually getting paid 10, 20, or 50kobo per participant.

According to accounts, he may have gotten the name “Killiwe” after a fight with a man in the market. The man, popularly known as “Tick man”, refused to pay him after carrying his goods across from the market to his house – he started by offering his services as a truck pusher.

The man claimed the charge was too high, and a fight ensued between both of them. When he pinned the man to the ground, the man’s wife came to help, and he lifted her up and pinned her down too. At this point, powerless, she started screaming “Killi we o, Nwachukwu, Killi we Nwachukwu” (broken English for ‘Nwachukwu, kill us’)

A common song about him in the past goes thus:

“Killiwe Nwaozize Nwachukwu
Abeg make you help carry my load”


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