Sandra Aguebor – Nigeria’s first female mechanic


Sandra Aguebor-Ekperuoh, The founder of the Lady Mechanic Initiative, is Nigeria’s first female mechanic. She currently runs an initiative that aims at helping the less privileged women earn a living from fixing cars. She started out in 1994 as a roadside mechanic in a world dominated by men, and now she has built a network of female mechanics that is spreading from city to city, and training former sex workers, orphans, and victims of trafficking to be mechanics

She currently enjoys support from notable individuals and companies like Peugeot Nigeria, the Netherlands Government, Chevron, WOTCLEF Abuja and the Ministry of Women Affairs.

She was featured on Aljazeera’s My Nigeria in 2015


She setup the Lady Mechanic Initiative in 2004 to support the less privileged women


Follow the Lady Mechanic Initiative on http://ladymechanicinitiative.org

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