Meet Seun and Seyi Abolaji (Wilson Juice Co.) makers of Nigeria’s first natural lemonade


Transforming a $5 lemonade startup to an over $200,000 business

Watch two brothers transform a $5 lemonade startup to over $200,000 business http://records.com.ng/2016/meet-seun-seyi-abolaji-wilson-juice-co-makers-nigerias-first-natural-lemonade/

Posted by Records Nigeria on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Starting out from college in 2010, two brothers Seun and Seyi Abolaji begun an a small business that would become a promising enterprise. Their business, from just $5 started out making fresh lemonade. This little idea has grown to accommodate several production workers and distributors across the country, and have now raised over $200,000.


From selling lemonade in cups at university stands, Wilson’s juice, a new factory at the edge of Lagos, currently distributes to over 650 locations and 18 states within the country, and thanks to family, friends, and their own savings, the brothers have raised over $200,000, and they now have a factory that now employs 30 workers and produces 24,000 bottles a day.

The pair hope to create a brand that will become a household name, first focusing on making sure they saturate Lagos and Nigeria, but the duo don’t see why they can’t go further afield.
“We believe there’s still a lot of work and a lot of value to add here. But from the very beginning we’ve seen ourselves as a global brand. We made a product, and we’re making products, that can stand on the shelf anywhere in the world,” said Seyi.
“At the end of the day, when life gives you lemons, what are you going to do?” added Seun.

They have gotten worthy mentions from The Economist, CCTV, CNN and Forbes.


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